Standing In Silence

Rhian Sheehan

Standing In Silence sees 15 stunning contemporary, classical and electronic New Zealand musicians perform live to a filmic backdrop of moving images shot all over the world and specifically created for the show.

Inspired by the photo he took in India of a lone man standing on a hill amongst pollution, Rhian Sheehan based Standing In Silence around the question “Is it possible to be surrounded by a mass of humanity, a bustling sea of lives, and still stand in silence?”

The music encapsulates Rhian’s beautiful compositions and interesting experiments with the sounds of found objects not usually heard in recordings like clinking wine glasses, bustling crowds and bowed piano strings.

The idea also extends visually into emotive photographic and moving images which are interwoven throughout the performance, portraying the lives and environments of individual people living in megacities throughout Asia using state of the art projection techniques by Nektar films.