Strange Resting Places




Italy, 1944: a battle torn-theatre of the Second World War. The allied onslaught stalls at Monte Cassino and the 28th Maori Battalion find themselves centre stage. A young Maori soldier goes out to steal food; an Italian takes cover in a stable. Both find themselves trapped in a potentially deadly stand-off, but with Germans just outside, their survival depends on co-operation.

Combining live music with drama, comedy and performed in Maori, Italian and English, Strange Resting Places shines a light on the complex emotional bonds of New Zealand’s wartime history and the three universals that Maori shared with the Italians: whanau (family), kai (food) and waiata (song) – not to mention wily cunning, a love of vino and a passion for the ladies. Strange Resting Places is theatre crafted from extensive research, contemporary storytelling and personal experience.

Strange Resting Places is available for touring opportunities from September 2014 onwards.